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Ethical Policy & Code of Conduct

We, ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD., as a manufacturing organization mainly working with overseas clients, feel a social responsibility towards the people involved in production processes of our products.

This Code is based on the fundamental universal ethical principle of "respect for human dignity", as well as our own ethical beliefs. We want to make sure that these principles are applied by our business partners, sub contractors, as well as our own staff within the factory.

We set up this Code of Conduct as non-negotiable requirement to our workers and to our subcontractors, without exception, in order to secure and to improve the working conditions and welfare of the workers.

We have been inspired to create this Code of Conduct by the different International Laws, Treaties and Conventions covering Social Accountability. These are e.g. ILO Conventions, The Universal Declaration of Rights, and the SA 8000 standards.

As a general rule , we must follow our national laws. However, if any contradiction is found between our national laws and our clients' request, we immediately inform them.

As a general rule, when national regulation or other applicable laws addresses the same issue as oru client's request, the most stringent should be applied.


a) Child labor.
ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD is not engaged in the use of "Child Labor" for production of any product of whatever nature.

We define Child Labor as any work by a child younger than 15 years of age unless local laws in oru client

s' country stipulate a higher minimum working age for work or mandatory schooling, in such a case the higher age shall apply.

If however, local minimum age law is set at 14 years of age in accordance with developing countries ( exception under ILO Conv. 138, Art. 2.4) then exceptionally, the lower age will apply.

b) Forced labor.
ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD is not engaged in or supporting the use of forced labor (personnel who have not offered their labor voluntarily) or who suffer illegal restriction, by not being free to withdraw from the labor contract. Restriction means being required to lodge "deposits" (not paid wages) or identity papers upon commencing employment within our company.

c) Disciplinary practices.
ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. Is not engaged in the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or any other kind of abuse or humiliation of its employees.

ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. provide a healthy working environment and appropriate sanitary facilities, the workers' safety being a priority. A system to detect, avoid or respond to potential threats to health and safety of all personnel should be established.

The company shall also ensure that if they provide dormitories and canteens for personnel, these are healthy, safe and in compliance with the local provision on the matter, meeting in any case the basic needs.

ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. emphasizes the right to freedom of association and to bargain collectively in compliance with the local laws. In a situation where this right is restricted by law, we will encourage to facilitate parallel means of independent and free association and bargaining among our workers.

ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. avoids engaging in any kind of discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion, race etc. The company hire its personnel based on their working capabilities and skills. All workers with the same experience and qualifications receive equal pay for equal work.

ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. wages are paid in compliance with local laws and meet at least the legal minimum standards. ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. pays salaries with sufficiency to meet the basic needs of its personnel and provide extra discretionary bonus income on performance basis.

ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. set working hours not in excess to our country legal limits and that overtime work is agreed voluntarily by the worker and that overtime will be properly remunerated. Personnel are allowed at least one free day every seven day period.

a) Principles : Trust and Cooperation.
Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd. expects and encourages all and every of its subcontractors to also respect these social standards. They should do their utmost to work towards their complete implementation.

b) Monitoring.
Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd. reserves the right to conduct second party audits held by their own auditing team as well as third party audits, to monitor and ensure the proper compliance with this Code of Conduct within his subcontractors facilities.

c) Non Compliance.
Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd. has the right to consider the termination of the business relationship in cases of gross or repeated violations, failing to comply with these ethical standards. In case of minor non conformance, corrective measures should be taken within and agreed time limit.

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