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Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd. has developed a reputation in the PP non woven industry of the highest standard. The key element of our success has been our flexibility and general ability to provide the most reliable, expeditious and economical means of production to importers, thus participating in their growth. Our objective in terms of productions is and will always be to face constant adaptability and to serve our customers by making our goal their quality requirements.

We are fully committed to this achievement and we manage to get the adhesion of all our employees, workers and external contractors to the policy, procedures and standards set within Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd's Quality Management system.

Over the past years, the close collaboration with PP material flakes suppliers allowed us to develop as well a top quality network of such provided, specialized in manufacturing quality PP fabrics.

We cooperate with our clients based on their internal standards and policies towards employment standards and manufacturing practices. With this in mind, qualification questionnaires and visits are welcome to ensure adherence, understanding & implementation of our customers requirements, controls and testing, guidelines towards packing, delivery, shipping. If required our Factory audit report is at disposal of our clients.


ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD aims to provide products and services at the highest possible standards, taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers, but never sacrificing on the environmental and safety requirements, applicable in our country or in the countries of final destination.

We also tend to organize our services based on a ISO 2001/2002 certified company which is our daily tool to accomplish our quality and internal organization goals. Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd's Management has the responsibility to ensure that all personnel which can influence our products and service quality are suitably trained. It is the responsibility of our staff to understand and conform with the requirements of our quality system and its associated procedures.

We are committed in making continual improvement to the highest quality standard in our major business operations, aiming to create value and provide quality service to the full satisfaction of our customers.

To achieve this objective and to ensure total commitment from all workers, ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD will:

  • comply with the statutory requirements from its clients
  • tend to fulfill the official requirements of Quality Management System but without to implement to avoid flexibility lost.
  • ongoing monitoring, review and control of quality issues in order to identify areas of improving our services.
  • encourage innovation and quality performance

ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD. adopts a functional approach to quality assurance, with a priority given to every staff being responsible for the quality of his own work rather than a strict compliance with an external quality reference guide. Our Internal quality system is established, documented and maintained to ensure that products and services conform to specified requirements. The Quality Manual, Procedures Manual and other supporting documents are prepared as necessary.

Procedures are established and maintained for ensuring all quality-related purchases conform to ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD purchasing requirements. Quality related purchases may include, but not limited to raw materials supplied by subcontractors or technical services supplied by service providers.


Subject Definition
Vendors Suppliers of raw materials or accessories
Service Providers Suppliers of services/ equipment./Printing services and machine maintenance.
NCR Non-Conformance Report
ITME Inspection, Test and Measuring Equipment
PO ( Purchase Order) Refers to Purchase orders placed by Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd to its subcontractors (material, printers, logistics, ..). The PO number is a number assigned by the Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd.' computer system and serves as a reference in subsequent communication with Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd.'s appointed or selected sub contractors.
PI (Proforma Invoice) or Sales Order This file contains all the details of the order received from a customer and serves at a later stage as the basis for the Sales Invoice. The SC number is a number assigned by the Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd.' computer system and serves as a reference in subsequent communication with Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd's clients.
Sales Confirmation (SC) Refers to the same electronic file as the Sales Order. A hard copy of this file is used to confirm final sales terms to Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd's.customers.


- your items reference (If any) - Votre reference article
- full and complete description - description complete
- color(s) required - couleurs demandees
- dimensions/Size - taille, dimensions
- weight - poids
- qty - quantite
- destination - destination
- agreed selling price in USD with Incoterm - Prix deja negocie en USD/incoterm

- Logo(s) attached ( 1 in Jpg format for visualisation, others in .ai, .eps or Illustrator.)
- films/artwork provided is a must  - Films relatifs directement fournis
- Number of logo position - Nombre de position du logo
- number of colors and Pantone References - Nombre de couleurs avec leur ref Pantone.
- Sharp description of position on item (drawing/sketch a must) - Description precise du/des emplacement(s)
- Logo size/measurements - Taille du logo

 - type of packing required  - type d'emballage demande
- special required mentions if any - mentions speciales demandees
- number of pcs/ctn ( if deferent requirement than  our proposal) - nombre de pcs par carton
- Ctn dimensions - taille du carton
- GW, NW - poids brut, net
- special required protection if any - elements de protection demandes
- special color, box, logo ..if any - conditionnement speciaux, logo de recyclage,ect..
- shipping and side marks required - impressions d'expedition sur les masters cartons

- Forwarder name and details ( If FOB purchase term) - nom et details du transitaire voulu
- special delivery instructions - instructions speciales de livraison
- Number of samples requested (PPS, PS, SS..) - Nombres d'echantillon requis ( BAT, Production,..)
- Number of copies for Original documents - Nombre de copies des documents originaux

- Name/ contact person for the order follow up with tel number - Personne a contacter
- Communication way prefered ( Fax, Email, Tel,ect…) - Moyen de communication prefere
- Company full address and Tel/fax number - Adresse de l'entreprise
- Special instructions if any regarding orders follow up. - instructions speciales pour le suivi

Click <Here> to download our Conditions of Sales (pdf format)

4- SAMPLING POLICY TOWARDS Ecovista Manufacturing Group'S CLIENTS
No charge on samples prior to PO placement.
No charge on samples and on freight after PO placement (worldwide)
No charge on Production samples and Freight after Po placement limited to a single set if in accordance with client requirements (worldwide)

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