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1. Evaluation of subcontractors & Service Providers
Sub Contractors & Service Providers are selected on the basis of their integrity, past performance, experience, reference and ability to meet our quality and delivery requirements. Sub contractors and Service Provider Selection Procedures (usually via audits) are operated to control the selection of contractors' and service providers. The type and extent of quality system controls required over subcontracting' service providers shall depend on the scope of work to be executed by them and its importance to the quality of the completed product' service.

2. Purchasing Data
Our Purchasing documentsclearly describe the raw material or service required and are reviewed and accepted prior its transformation .

3. Verification of Purchased Raw materials or accessories
The arrangement of product verification at reception and method of controls are specified in the purchasing document or work instructions, and conducted via a pre-check and then by a Dupro Quality control ( DURing PROduction). And later on via QC conducted once the goods are ready to be packed and ship.

Responsibility is given to us to identify, plan and ensure that all activities which affect the quality of our manufacturing services are performed in accordance with our documented procedures and our client's requirements.

When it is necessary to apply special procedures or to adopt procedures specifically required by the customer in respect of a particular order, these is clearly identified, recorded and continuously monitored to ensure that the necessary quality of the product is maintained.

The types of inspection and testing of ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD are defined as:

  • Evaluation of incoming fabric (overall aspect and gsm),
  • In-process inspection of semi-finished products and processes,
  • Final inspection of finished products, and
  • Loading Inspection if required. *

*Since ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD does not always operate the loading of containers in its own storage facilities, products are shipped directly to forwarders' premises. The packing and preservation of products are inspected during final inspection prior to shipment. When required, loading inspection will be performed in accordance with Inspection and Testing Procedure by a third party.

4. Receiving Inspection and Testing
Inspection and Testing Procedures are established and maintained for evaluating outgoing approval samples (PPS) sent to our client. The amount and nature of inspection is detailed in the procedures. Records of evaluation are maintained to identify the conformance of our samples and the authority responsible for the release of the samples. (to avoid sending out a PPS which is not as per our client's initial instructions)

Inspection and Testing Procedures are established and maintained for inspecting finished products before delivery. Products are held until all the activities specified in the procedures have been satisfactorily completed before delivery to the customer.

Inspection and Testing Procedures are established and maintained for inspecting shipping containers during loading before delivery when necessary.

5. Control of Non-Conforming Product
Procedures are established and maintained to ensure products that do not conform to the customer's requirements are properly handled. This control provides for the identification, evaluation, documentation, segregation where practical, review, disposition of non-conforming products, and notification to affected departments.

The responsibility and authority for reviewing the disposition of non-conforming products are defined in between us and our clients. Non-conforming products may be:

  • Repaired or reworked to meet customer's requirements, or
  • Accepted without correction by concession.

Any correction is usually inspected again depending on the gravity of the non conformity and the vendor selected.

6. Corrective and Preventive Action
Corrective and Preventive Action Procedures are established and maintained to identify:

  • Quality related problems,
  • Potential causes of quality related problems, and
  • Actions required to reduce similar instances from recurring.

Corrective action may be initiated from the following sources:

  • Major product non-conformances,
  • Internal quality audit results, and
  • Customer or external QC's complaints.

Preventive action may be initiated from the following sources:

  • Management Review Meeting, record of failures.

7. Training
Personnel of Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd are recruited on the basis of their suitability, including experience, training and educational qualifications, for the duties that they will be expected to perform. ECOVISTA MANUFACTURING GROUP CO, LTD.LTD appropriate personnel records are maintained.

Further training needs of personnel are formally assessed by means of an annual performance appraisal which are properly recorded upon completion.

We do provide appropriate training of personnel to satisfy the needs identified during the annual performance appraisal. Records of training provided to individuals is also maintained in our staff personnel files in accordance with the AS8000 regulation.

8. Quality System Documentation
The following documentation is available in accordance with our quality policy.

Quality Manual Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd.

  • Defines the quality policy,
  • Defines the quality responsibilities for key personnel,
  • Describes the key elements of the QMS, and
  • Makes reference to supporting procedures.

Procedures Manual

  • Detail the operations required to maintain and support our policy, and List employee responsibilities and relevant reference documents.

9. Achievements

  • • Ensuring products' quality and safety are in accordance with customer expectations and applicable environmental and safety regulations.
  • Achieving on-time delivery by adhering to the shipping commitments as stated in the Sales Order' Sales Confirmation.
  • Resolving in a timely manner all customer complaints (caused by product availability and quality issues), take appropriate correction and avoid recurrence
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