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Design and Patents.

Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd is engaged in the development and manufacturing of products made from PP non woven (mainly bags and disposable linen) ensuring the production, quality controls, shipment supervision, and the export and sale of those products to guaranty our clients satisfaction. We focus on spending time and making substantial financial effort in research and development (material, design, functionalities.) to develop new products and differentiate ourselves from numerous and cheap material sources from mainly China Mainland.

It is our policy to provide original products and services at the highest possible standards, taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers but never sacrifice on the environmental and safety requirements, applicable in the countries of the goods.

Our products are worldwide protected by copyrights or under pending patent. Some can also be covered by Trademark, industrial design applications and /or registrations in various countries, in particular in Europe and China. Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd. intends to have its rights on these products respected and enforced against any infringers according to the applicable laws.

Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd......Your import & manufacturing partner.
Our products are mainly disposable bed sheets, disposable bags and soft items, but Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd, trough, intends to develop high standard service and facilitate imports procedures to small and medium size companies and importers in Europe for any kinds of products made from PP non woven fabric.

Since 2002, strong of more than 10 years experience ,Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd.has developed a network and an efficient organistation in order to be able to meet the needs of many worldwide importers and reply in due time to many requests, whatever the item concerned.

Based on closed co-operation with selected subcontractors and service providers in our area in China, Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd. will succeed in achieving his goals and its customers' ones thanks to long term and quality oriented partnership with its clients, forwarders, sub contractors, etc... From conception, through development, production & into service, we have experience to support you as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) as well as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with creativity & technical ability thanks to a special partnership in between Ecovista Manufacturing Group Co, Ltd.and its customers. If you would like to benefit from taking a longer view, we kindly offer you our expertise & commitment in building special tailor-made partnership with you to improve and develop your business as We offer your the competence to implement your ideas with a partner who does not only provide just products... but who delivers results.
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